Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Running local, 408k, and podcasts, oh my!

I've been selected to be an ambassador for one of my favorite local race companies--Represent Running! You might ask, why is this one of my favorite race companies? Well, it *is* local. They hold three races annually, and when you run all three, you earn the Run the Bay Challenge medal! As a girl who loves her bling, I have to tell you--all three races have worthy bling and the cost of each race is affordable!

You can find out more about Represent Running by clicking here.

Make the races even more affordable by using my discount code (RepresentAG) for 10% off!

One race has already been completed. That race was the 408k-also known as the Race to the Row. This race takes place in the South Bay, and is the race closest to my home. It's also the first race that I ran with my mom running group two years ago!

I want to tell you more...that leads me to...podcasts! I debriefed the afternoon of the race with Elizabeth Bain and John Thompson of the podcast "Runner of a Certain Age." So, instead of writing any more...check it out and listen here!

You can also find them directly on Podcasts for your iOS device here.

Go listen! I tell stories about how I got into running, Represent Running, the 408k race, how I started running as Wonder Woman, and more!

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