Monday, May 16, 2016

Runner's World Cover Search! YES, I'VE ENTERED!

Please, take a moment to go and vote for me here. Running is a passion, Wonder Woman is an alternate identity, and sharing my story would be dreamy!

What was your BREAKTHROUGH MOMENT [in running]?

"Could I really run 26.2 miles? Is nothing impossible, or is that true only for superheroes? To finish my marathon, I mentally needed to display my strength, to see it in the mirror. And so, I discovered my running identity: Wonder Woman! Every race since the Chicago Marathon has been run in my full Wonder Woman outfit. I had no idea what impact running as Wonder Woman would have on my own confidence and motivation, or the impact on the crowd. As I run by spectators, they cheer for Wonder Woman: she is an individual that men and women alike want to see succeed. Children's eyes light up with delight. I've had little girls run up to me squealing with delight, asking to take a picture. For me, running as Wonder Woman has become a way to inspire not just myself, but other runners. I've had fellow runners at races tell me they stuck with me because the cheering helped motivate them, too. I've had good races and bad races, but the biggest joy I get is when I see my sons at the end of each race, and they proudly tell their friends, "My mom is Wonder Woman!""

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