Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Catching my breath

Breathing heavy because thoughts keep racing and they're running 5 minute miles
I haven't had the endurance because I thought I'd never run again

I wonder how long it will be this time
I'm tired of 5Ks and half marathons
I want an ultra marathon

One would imagine that because you've done all this training in the past
You'd be prepared
For twisted ankles and sprained knees
But what really hurts you in this sport is a wounded heart

Lost love for the race
Or worried about the bling you'll get at the end
Never realizing that even though you get a free shirt you're really paying for it with an entry fee

I remember now I love my foot against the pavement
It makes me feel alive
My passion lays in the moment
And I remember it's a journey, not a destination

And I love that I'm out here again
Catching my breath

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