Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Children...remind me why I don't have more of them???


The things they (my kids...those boys) say.

Just from the last week...

My joker (Eddie) to a grandma figure in their life after she told them she would LOVE to play the wicked witch of the west to their Wizard of Oz ensemble...
"Oh yeah! Cuz you have that! No that! That wart! On your cheek!"

  • Son. That is a mole. And WHERE IS YOUR FILTER???

My Peanut (Jakey) at the doctor's office to EVERYONE after I was told, "Oh my gosh! Four boys??? And they're all YOURS??? Well, YOURS and YOUR HUSBANDS!!!???"

"My Mom doesn't have a husband. She got rid of my dad."

  • Son. *no words* And WHERE IS YOUR FILTER???

All four boys are in the car as I am pumping gas. The man pumping gas in front of me is very friendly and asks...
Him: "They're all brothers?" 
Me: "Yes, Sir! My four boys!" 
Him: *laughing* 
Me: "They're having fun?" 
Him: "I think someone farted."

  • Sons. ROLL DOWN THE WINDOWS. Before I get back in the car, preferably.

Remind me...why don't I have more of them?


  1. Love it...short and sweet and too funny. I wanna hear what Gabe and Joey have to say!

    1. Lol. Funny??? Funny?!!?!? My life is filled with this. I thought this was NORMAL.