Sunday, November 11, 2012

And so BECOMING begins...

You'd think since I was "Beginning" my work on myself, I might actually have some time to "begin."

You'd think I would ease in slowly, careful to be reflective, to study my past and to say, "Hey, Self... What should I focus on as I attempt to "become" a better human?"



So, I woke up this morning. Much like every other morning, I wanted today to begin about five hours later... But, alas, it was 7:51 am and I needed to be at morning service by 9 am.

So, I got the kids ready (yes, the older kids got the younger kids ready). And we shuffled off to morning service for church. Today's service focused on not bearing false witness (the 9th commandment).

I thought not much of it. Yes, I could be better. Yes, I have omitted the truth or just withheld information in order to protect the not-so-innocent. But, all in all, I'm not such a bad person.

And I took the message for granted.

And today, while visiting my husband at work, I mistakenly grazed the vehicle next to me while trying to reposition my mammoth car in my parking space.



And, in my ultimate humiliation, I got out of my car and left the note that stated
"I grazed the side of your car. My name is _________ . Please call me at _________. I am really so very sorry. This happened at 3:15pm. I waited for you until 3:46 pm. I only left because I am here with my two four year olds and they are cold and tired. I will take care of any damages, and again, I am sorry."
And, thus begins my path as becoming a better human.

I hit a car.

I left a note.

I will let this go.

I will not blame myself. I will not remain angry with myself. I will not cause myself an ulcer over this. I will understand that accidents happen and that I remained a person of integrity in a situation that could have caused some individuals to uphold themselves with less integrity.

And, for today, I am okay with that.


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  1. I read your post yesterday and was SO HAPPY to see you back. I think you know how much I love the HUMAN BECOMING concept. Your line, "I will not cause myself an ulcer over this" really hit me hard. I've so been there. Thanks for putting it out there so that we may be inspired, comforted, lifted up...aummmm.