Wednesday, July 18, 2012

When Your Second Born Has A Birthday... will notice that your first born is jealous that all of the attention is not on him. will search for those "perfect pictures" that capture his essence and see that you really, truly do only have 1/2 as many pictures of him as you do of his older brother. will be provided evidence of just how sweet he is because no matter how much you allow him to make all of the decisions on his birthday for breakfast and dinner meals, he will still consider his brothers' opinions. will momentarily feel bad that maybe he is this way because of something you did wrong. will realize he is this way because of all the somethings you did right. will finally decide at 9 pm that he is the special birthday boy and you will take him on an exclusive birthday date for frozen yogurt. will tell him he is special, and unique, and awesome and ask him if he knows that and his answer of "Well, I KNEW I was awesome but I didn't know about the other stuff," will confirm that you.are.doing.all.the.right.stuff.Mom.

To my second born, Mama's Boy-Edward Angelo (Yup, Angelo after sister gave him that name and boy is he truly a Mama's Boy) on your 9th birthday...

 You are

You are my hero in so many ways!

You can dance your way into anyone's heart!

You are such a dear!


  1. The first time I met you and saw your boys' smiles and friendliness, I knew you were doing everything right. Their awesomeness is such a reflection of their mama. And I love that you went out on a one on one date with him...with so many kids in our families, those times are super special.

    1. Aw, thanks, Christine.

      And YES. Loved my date with this special guy.


  2. Happy Bday to your little one--he's adorable!