Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sometimes Intentionally Happy Sounds Intentionally Fake

I wrote this on June 2, 2011, for my other blog (a blog that I choose to no longer keep up). I wrote this because Once Upon A Time, I had a hard time being happy and so I came up with a plan that I named "365 days of intentional happiness." This is my invitation to you to try to change your life, too. To invite more happiness into your day.

No one says it will be easy.  You are trying to change more than your life.  You are trying to change yourself.

That's BIG.  That's HUUUUUGE.

Some might say this a fete best attempted under the supervision of a doctor and with a stash of foreign sounding prescription pills.

But you can do it.  Sans doctor and sans pills.  As they say, you just need to fake it 'til you make it!

My idol and guru in this golden rule is Fernando.

You remember Fernando? Well, maybe you remember Fernando (you are old enough...and so are you...well, YOU might be too young) ...Fernando from Fernando's Hideaway?
"Remember, it is better to look good than to feel good, and dahling, you look mahvelous!"

What does this mean?

Get up and get dressed every morning! Whether or not you have to be at work... Get up and get jazzed!  Do your hair, your makeup.  Put on a face.  Think about what happens when you look in the mirror all scruffy/scuzzy and unkempt. You begin to criticize.  Cut off your own criticism at the pass by looking as good (and HAPPY) as you WANT to be!

When someone asks how you are, don't just tell them the standard fine. Also, don't use it as a time to bitch and whine and moan.  Don't get me's okay to say, "I'm sad, my dog died today." But it's not okay to say, "Hrmph. Well, since you asked my significant other is a big fat jerk and I hate my boss..."  Guess what?

YOU ARE MISERABLE, you sound MISERABLE and misery attracts misery and more misery and...well, you get the point.

Tell them, "I am FABULOUS!  I am STUPENDOUS!" Tell them, "Hey, if my day got any better, it'd be illegal and I don't have the money to get myself bailed out."

You know why? It's fun. It makes someone else smile. It makes them laugh. And eventually, it will be true.  Because as misery attracts misery...happiness attracts happiness.  It is just positive energy personified in YOU.

So, we're getting up and getting dressed and done up for the day. We're letting others know vocally that we are doing well.  And now you ask, "Sunshine, what could be left in our fake it 'til you make it plan?"

Ah, good question. If you are paying attention, you'll notice that we hit on our looks and our words. Lastly, we'll focus on our POSTURE.

Yup. Posture.  Show the world you are worth looking at by standing tall. Don't walk looking at the ground. That is saying, "I'm unworthy." Walk and look people in the eye.  That is saying, "I am worthy of your respect and attention."

When you look people in the eye...guess what? Most of the time one of you will crack and SMILE!!!  And guess what??? Smiles make people (namely you) HAPPY!

So.  What are our rules?

#1: Look good.
#2: Sound good.
#3: Walk tall.

And although it may feel intentionally will help get you to intentionally happy.  

I promise.

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