Sunday, July 22, 2012

Ice Cream Makes the World Go 'Round

I was recently gifted by Fresh and Easy! This, of course, was in response to the staggering power of influence that I have on the online community when it comes to ice cream [/sarcasm].

I had no idea what this would entail but was super excited when a box arrived in the mail, just for me!
My box of goodies! They came addressed to The Mommy Tsunami. How cool is that?
See that in the box? Well, apparently, ice cream doesn't travel well through the USPS, so they sent me a gift card. So, I entered the land of the Fresh and Easy...
My San Jose Fresh and Easy
While in my neighborhood market, I gathered all of the necessities that any red-blooded Amurican (misspelling intended) requires for ice cream sundaes.
M&Ms, Gummy Bears and Nilla Wafers. COMPLETELY NECESSARY.
Of course, I also had to select ice cream flavors (we went with Vanilla Bean, Coconut Pineapple and Neopolitan) and pick up some ice cream cones (which we didn't need, so it appears). But I couldn't find the cones! So the Fresh and Easy Market Friend helped me locate them.
Literally, this is taken as I am following her to the cones.
I was holding my ice cream social at my sister wife Christine's house. So, in order to keep the ice cream cold during the 40 minute drive over the hill to her house, I bought one of these super-duper handy stay cool bags, made by Fresh and Easy!
I highly recommend this bag. See the frost is still on the ice cream?!! This bag does its job! 
As the Moms, Christine and I set up quite a spread. Before we dare invite EIGHT RAVENOUSLY HUNGRY CHILDREN into the room for ice cream, we HAD TO MAKE SURE THE STAGE WAS SET.

There was organization to our ice cream social. Because, of course.
Even the bowls and spoons were set and in place, in anticipation of
the animals children.
Once we had the stage set, we were able to call in the kids. As they stampeded peacefully sauntered into the kitchen, Christine corralled them into line as I dished out the scoops.
The peanuts are in the back. Big Kids-1, Peanuts-0
With all of the forethought, how could we fail. Ice cream social is a success!
Look at all those smiles! Thank you, Fresh and Easy! 
 In the meantime, Christine and I are still in absolute shock, awe and love with how our eight children get along. Ranging in age from 11 to 3, I can only say that this friendship is made in heaven.

We have the kind of understanding that mostly comes from another mother of three or more children...that "kids are noisy and I am not going to always control that level of noise when I am at home" understanding. Trust me, that's not to say that a mom of one or two cannot be so ├╝ber laid back with the sonic breaking sound capabilities of kids. They can. But when you have four? There is very little "Please will you Joe Ed Jake Gabe all of you please please please be quiet you four!!!!" 

Because? That's just ridiculous. A person can drive herself insane begging four children to be quiet.

Because? Four is almost an acceptable size of a birthday party

A mini-daycare.

Four is loud.

Four + four = eight is even LOUDER.

And none of us-moms and dads-flinch a muscle at the noise.

Also...she runs-I run.

She blogs-I blog.

She tweets-I tweet.

We all love Apple products from iPhones to Macs.

They are vegetarians-I am vegetarian.

As a couple, they are adorable. Their family is amazing. Uncle Yammers is the coolest. I love the kids.

It's a big family match made in heaven.

And what a better way to celebrate good friendship than with an ice cream social? Because ice cream makes the world go 'round!


  1. You lost me at coconut pineapple ice cream. Was there another sentence..? Mmmmm.

    1. A girl after my own heart. My sundae was coconut pineapple ice cream, bananas, almond slices, crushed nilla wafers, salted caramel and whipped cream.


  2. That's it...Peanuts go first next time. I'm getting sad looking at them at the back of the line. That means we have to do it again so I can stop being sad.

    1. But look at the smiles on those peanuts. WE HAVE THE BEST AND HAPPIEST PEANUTS. Our peanuts are old souls...they know life isn't a race, it's a journey. And they know the ice cream will be there when they get to it because they have amazing mamas like US.

      But YES OH MY GOD YES we are having another one.


  3. Aw, I'm totally jealous that you guys live so close!! Just think if my four kids plus your four kids plus Christine's four kids all got together! We'd definitely need more ice cream ;)

    1. More ice cream is never a problem.


      And you are the fam are always invited if you are ever in our neck of the woods.