Monday, July 9, 2012

I Watched Katy Perry and I Liked It

I think the title says it all. And that's saying a lot. On June 25th, I didn't like Katy Perry. On June 26th, I did.

How did this happen? How did a 36 year old mother of four boys, love of all things hip hop and 90s alternative, dancer of disco and mosher of pits go from a Katy Perry free iTunes Library to an owner of the Katy Perry: Teenage Dream, The Complete Confection?

Well, I was invited to a screening of Katy Perry: Part of Me. And I thought, hey, free movie, free popcorn, free small drink? Heck yeah! That sounds like where I want to be!!!

Thirty seven phone calls and 37 emphatic NOs later, I had no date to see the movie. Not even the free movie popcorn could entice my circle of co-workers and friends to the movie. So I did what any self-respecting American woman of 36 would do in this situation: I resorted to asking my children, the neighbors and the teenage daughter of a friend.

So, on June 26th, accompanied by my 11 and 8 year old sons, the 11 year old neighbor girl and a 16 year old daughter of a friend, I was off. I was sure to enjoy my free movie popcorn and drink.

And I did.

But I pretty much finished the popcorn before the movie started. So what kept me in my seat? Partially the law, true, as I could not legally leave my offspring in a public place. But there was a 16 year old there. So, I could plead "Babysitter." And then there was the feel good Grease sing-a-long instead of previews. Who couldn't stay and sing "You're the One That I Want?" My 11 year old even asked to watch that movie after the sing-a-long.

The movie began. I was interested. There was singing and dancing and fun costumes. She had spinning peppermints on her breasts (had to explain that one to the 8 year old). 

But what really got me was the story. The movie documents the year of 2011, but more than that as well. It shares the journey that got Katy to the stage...and a long, long and arduous journey that was. It documented her family and their history (her parents are devout missionaries and in the church big time...a church that didn't allow her to listen to pop music or watch top 40 videos...). It documented the toll that those 365 days of touring did to her personally.

She cried towards the end of the movie. Maybe she is a great actress, but I don't think it was that. She was tired. She gave up a lot to get where she was at and she was tired. And it came out in tears.

GIRLFRIEND...I understand...been there, done that...

I am not sure if it was the peppermint bra, the absolute despise I had for Russell Brand after the movie (I know it was one sided/ I know there is his version of the story somewhere out there. I just don't care to find it), I am not sure if it was how hard she worked to get where she was, or the fact that she brought her sister with her (sisters should always work together!), or even the fact that she took no-name make-up artists and fashion designers from their retail jobs and schools on the journey to fame with her...but, I was hooked.


I went home and bought Katy Perry's Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection.

I don't normally take pics with giant poster cut-outs, but Katy asked, so I gave in.

Katy, if you're up for waiting 10 years, you can date one of my sons...

There is no guaranteeing that I will adore everything Katy Perry puts out there. Because I love Katy doesn't mean I now listen to and love Ke$ha (although iTunes Genius thinks it does). I just enjoyed the movie. It was entertaining, she was adorable and my kids (all four of the ones that I brought with me...from 16 year old girl to 8 year old boy) enjoyed the movie as well.

So, I watched Katy Perry and I liked it. It felt so wrong, it felt so right, don't mean I'm in love tonight...


  1. I love this review! I wish I had been your date.

    1. You should have been my date! Oh well, next time!

  2. ALl along I kept thinking why didn't Christine go with you?!!

    1. She had a previously scheduled date! That got canceled! I'll just have to gift her the movie when it's out on iTunes!

  3. I just watched this movie and was embarrassed as hell as I started crying watching her be so strong. I am such a sap.

    1. No! You aren't a sap! I felt so sad, too, especially when SHE cried. And that look on her face before they lifted her to the stage!

      Girl, it's just a sign that you are an empathetic and amazing human! Nothing to be embarrassed about!