Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I think I'm the tortoise but we're just splitting hares...

I'm uncomfortable with the race I seem to have entered...

Some sort of twisted, sick competition. A race to a finish line that I can't see and don't know from how far I am.


The end result should be...a man? A relationship?

Sooooo...with online dating, you inbox a message and wait.

And sometimes you never hear back and that's okay. You figure you message about 2, 3 maybe even 4 or 5 people a day and you should get one response.

Yes. I message a lot. Improve the odds.

And sometimes you get from inbox to phone number to text to phone call to face-to-face. *phew! I'm emotionally exhausted just typing that out!*

And then you anticipate the second date.

I met someone. Let's call him...Chris. Chris was sooo cute (in his pics) and successful (VP of a software company with whom my company Fruit actually does work!) and had a cute little house and seemed to be so normal!

We met. We got along. We laughed. He said that he was looking forward to our second date (yay! I made the cut!). A national holiday was impending and I could anticipate said date occurring after said holiday.

I didn't hear from him.

I text him. He didn't respond.

Now, I am not one for games. And because he didn't text, I wanted to let him know... "Hey...thought we hit it off...haven't heard from you..."

And he responded.

"Oh yeah. I meant to call you."

I let him know. "If this isn't right for one of us, we should just let each other know."

"Well," he text back, "I started seeing someone else at the same time and I think I want to see where things go with her. I don't want to play around."

*heart deflates*

"No problem," replies mature and completely emotionally healthy me, "good luck to you in your search."

*hopes crushed*

I'm not sure how many times I can do that...how many times I can be the tortoise as the hare seemingly wins the race (the tortoise is supposed to win, right?)...as a woman, I wonder what the competition has that I don't have...was she a blond? was she childless? was she prettier? was she thinner? did she have sex with him on the first date?

She certainly could not have been funnier than me, or happier professionally, or happier period.


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