Monday, November 28, 2011

Anticipation at Peet's

I'm at Peet's Coffee. On a pseudo-blind date. Not sure if this thing is the coolest, bravest thing I've done or the dumbest.

I DO know I am tired of being angry at all these happy, lovey-dovey couples. So...I search. If I couldn't get things right on my own, maybe with a little help from some computer matching and computations, I'll get closer to the right thing. Lord knows I couldn't get any further.

It's 11:40. He is supposed to be here at noon. His name is Shaun. I told him I'd be here early. He said he would get here early too.

ETA: I didn't publish this on the day...I had NO IDEA how I'd feel about the fact that I'm online dating. Now I KNOW that it's funny as shit. And I have an obligation to share that I'm doing this with the world.

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