Friday, September 9, 2011

Relocation: Fresh & Easy is both FRESH and EASY!

I've moved.

More than 1,800 miles across this great country.

Crossed a lot of states. And while crossing in and out of those states, passed up a lot of grocery stores.

I moved myself right out of Jewel and Dominick's country. Right out of Aldi and Ultra territory. Right out of Meijer-land.

And into...options I have never seen before.

Is Safeway really safe? Will I truly be lucky to shop at Lucky?

Or will I be a Fresh & Easy girl?

Discovering the answer began from the moment I pulled into the lot. As I drove up to my first Fresh & Easy, the one located at Saratoga and Payne in San Jose, I encountered a god send....


In one aisle, the first two spots! And since I was there with my twin 3 year old boys, I needed this relief. As a single mom of four boys, just getting into and out of a car is a production.

And then I shopped. I was happy. Moving here I was warned... "You're moving here from Chicago? Beware the prices! You'll never be able to afford living in California!"

I was warned that living here could be twice the cost of living in the midwest.

If I stick with Fresh & Easy (and a wisely planned budget) I know I will be okay. $.99 for a six oranges  and $1.49 for the tastiest Freeze Pops EVER (seriously... PiƱa Colada, Green Apple and Mango are some of the flavors that I enjoy and even deter MY picky boys away from the standard "red," "blue" and "purple" flavors).

 I bought two bags! 
I'm eating one as I type out this post!

And there was a good selection of Fresh & Easy Brand foods.

Good prices and nice employees, too! As I pulled up to a conveyor belt to ring myself up, I figured I would be on my own. This is how they keep down costs, right? NO WAY.

An employee came to my aide, bagging as I rang up my products.

As I ventured out, I knew I would return.

And I did, just a short week later. This time, I went to the Fresh & Easy on Bird and Minnesota in East San Jose.

As I walked to the door, I was given this....

And the woman who handed me the coupon was super friendly. She commented on my car and we chatted as I walked into the store.  And once again, someone ran up to my aid to help bag as I scanned my items at the conveyor belt.

Looks like, despite moving, I've found my grocery shopping home at Fresh & Easy!


  1. Sunshine - Thanks so much for writing this! We're thrilled to know that your experience has been so positive (we know we're great but love it when others say they love us, of course!). We hope having a neighborhood store that works for you can give you a little 'comfort factor' as you get used to your new surroundings.

    Congratulations on your move and, thanks again!

    ~Nicole, social media manager for fresh&easy

  2. That's awesome Angel! I didn't know about those freeze pops! Cool!

  3. you are too effing cute with your thumbs up!
    I wish we had F&E here!