Tuesday, August 30, 2011

In Sunny California...

This midwest girl has gone and upped herself for a MAJOR relocation.

Can you say CALIFORNIA???

Yes, that's true. The Mommy Tsunami actually lives someplace that a tsunami might be possible. Well, maybe not. But at least a really big ocean wave is possible.

I. live. in. California.

How is this possible, you ask?  Has it really been that long, dear tsunami, you surmise?

I looked back to the date of my last post. July 6.

Yes. July 6. And about a week after that, my boss presented this amazing job opening to me and said, "Go for it. This job was written for you. And you'll move to California. But you only have two hours to decide."

Two hours to decide whether or not I should change my job, my life, UPROOT my life, my children?

Well, the answer had to be yes, right? Because here I am, in sunny California.

It is sunny 300 days of the year in the city I live in.

I live in the Bay Area.

I love where I live now.

I interviewed and was offered the job all within a two week span. That includes TWO phone interviews, one in person interview/"performance" and the final offer.

They wanted me to sign on for my job in three weeks. So. Two weeks of interviewing, three weeks of planning and here I am. 5 short weeks later.

In sunny California.

It's not been easy. I will be posting over the next week about my move, my trials and tribulations. My successes and rejoices (I live near my Cali friends who are many of my besties! Hi, bffs!)

But for today, let me say that I am a woman who just moved her entire family to California, four YOUNGISH boys and me, on a cross-country trek from Chicago to the Bay Area, to pursue the job of my dreams.

Yes, this Bay Area has itself quite a promoter in me.

And it doesn't hurt that in just a few weeks I'll be at the Bay Area Council's Women and the Economy Conference...

Oh yeah...in sunny California...



  1. Wow. That's awesome. I wonder if I would have been bold enough to make the same choice. Amazing!

  2. Woot! So proud of and happy for you all! <3

  3. YAY! That sounds a lot like our experience. Did you guys drive or fly? The movers did everything for us and hauled the car, but we had to drive b/c we have an old dog. Took us four days. OY VEY!
    Woman I am SO SO SO very happy for you. Ecstatic actually. We are absolutely LOVING Cali. Loving. It.
    I know we are kinda far b/c I am in SoCal but I am planning on a trip to the bay area this fall and would love to meet up with you. I would drive half way and meet somewhere...I just want to squeeze you! I know I haven't been around much lately with all my health problems, but I have been thinking about you a lot. I know what the cross-country move is like with one boy let alone FOUR.
    Anytime you want to get the boys together to wrestle I am totally down.
    Love you woman and again, I am so happy for you. You deserve it all. xoxo

  4. I'm just getting caught up. HEY - I didn't realize you had moved to the bay area! I'm in SF. We should do lunch or get the kids together (errr, how old are your kids? My son is 5).

    Sounds like you are making some big changes!