Sunday, May 29, 2011

I miss blogging...

As a teacher (which I was in my former life), I always felt that other teachers were doing children a disservice when "lightening" the load. What I mean by this is...if a child is bad at spelling,  many teachers believe that they should give that children 10 words to focus on instead of the classroom's 20.

I learned in some.random.don't remember exactly class during my time in undergrad that when it comes to brains, if you ask for less, you will get less.  Which means...

...ask for more and get more.

For the child in the classroom, that means instead of 20 words, give them 25.  maybe they always get half.  13 is 3 more than 10 to have memorized!  Yay, student!!!

For me, that means I am blogging in many different places.

Hopefully, I am now an official member of a blog that has a domain, 7 other kick ass women members and some really amazing enthusiasm.humor.smartassedness available to it.

I have this little corner of the world, too.

themommytsunami identity is one that has breathed life into who I am, how I see myself (slightly more confidently) and has assisted me through my life experiences over the last two to three years.

I won't let it go. It brought me to blogher at home 09, blogher 10 in NYC and some of my besties (here's winking at you tom.the.girl).

And so, here goes me...breathing life in a blog forgotten...a code blue was called, but the


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