Monday, November 22, 2010

A time to change and a time to stay the same...

Time. It changes people. And things. Like relationships.

I found out some crazy news about my sister this weekend and it has shattered what I thought was our relationship. I thought we were close. I thought we were closer than close.

But, I've discovered I was wrong.

Time. It changes people. And things. Like happiness.

I have discovered that I am truly.truly.truly happy. Slightly more than a year ago, I was no where near happy. My life could have easily been described as miserable. I know I have my boys who will always and forever be the epicenter of my bliss and happiness. But my professional life? My career? My significant relationship with my other half?

And now. Beyond 365 Days of Intentional Happiness... Here I am. Twice promoted. In a position of leadership. With the man that I love. And IN love.

Time. It changes people. And things. And change can be scary. But sometimes...sometimes...change can be for the good. And thank God.


  1. HELL YES. You go girl. You are amazing.

  2. I'm sorry to hear about the crazy news, but I'm so happy for your good changes. <3