Sunday, August 15, 2010

It's all just a matter of meeting you yet

Yes. It's been one week since BlogHer '10 in NYC. Everyone and their uncle has done their recap (except for me). There I go again. Slacker.

I've been sitting back and enjoying the life I have, the friendships I've made and to what I have the joy of coming home. Let me explain.

A highlight of my trip to BlogHer was the fact that I was standing in the right place at the right time when the PlaySkool group started tearing down their booths. I was the lucky recipient of three PlaySkool Wheel Pals Party playsets. They were out of the boxes (yeah, but they were three complete sets (polar party, jungle journey and farm friends) with extra sets of animals!

It was so exciting to drive home (blogher10roadtrip) knowing that my kids would be able to open a bag (or two) filled with these sets. And open they did. And excited they were. Jakey slept with them that first night I was home. He refuses to put down the little wheelie animals. They go everywhere with the twins. Bathtub, car, bed and all.

Next up on exciting and amazing is the women I met. Some of them, I had planned on meeting because they were my blogging and twitter friends. Since I was picking up @tomthegirl (blogher10roadtrip), she was a main focus of my trip. And, now, my life. If I was unsure of our connection, how easy it is to talk to her, to be around her, to enjoy the good and the bad and the ugly with her BEFORE meeting her (which I wasn't), I know NOW more than EVER that this girl will be in my life FOREVS. I've got this girl's back for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, through sickness and in health. For realzies, yo.

Also, major highlights of the BlogHer trip for me: meeting @linzlovesyou, an adorable little doll of a woman who made me feel like I *might* be cool. Meeting fellow mac lovah @kimt205, who spent many hours online with me and many other fabuladies last year at BlogHerAtHome. Meeting @superjules, another lovely little sprite who is a hot babe with a bad ass unicorn tatt. Meeting another mom of a Gabriel, @grace134, who I have followed and adored from afar this past year but got the pleasure of getting to know at a few par-tays. Meeting @looneytunes at the crazy-beautiful party after she tweeted that her gifts were up for grabs (SCORE and also THANK YOU). Meeting @countessmo, who despite her royal title makes everyone ELSE feel like a queen. Meeting @ewokmama, especially toasty at the CheeseburgHer party. Meeting @bibliosaurus, who after meeting makes you wish you knew her all of your life cuz she's super funny. Meeting @hangingwitmrsc after chasing her location down with tweets.  Meeting in person my roomies @knowmeloveme and @nakeva. But if they sawed another log there woulda been a BlogHer

I know I'm PROLLY forgetting someone. I'm sorry. I love you, too.

I went to BlogHer unsure of my place in the internet/blogging/tweeting world. Maybe even unsure of my place in the REAL world. I'm 34, dammit. Sometimes, I still just don't know. I'm a "on the outskirts" kinda girl. The first night of BlogHer, I escaped from the Queerosphere party to call E and cry that I didn't belong there at BlogHer. He said, "Too late. You're already there. Might as well make the most of it." (yes, he's super full of compassion and shit *emphasis on shit*)

So I went back. And then went upstairs. And got under the covers. And logged into twitter. And wouldn't ya know it, that's the EXACT MOMENT that @looneytunes tweeted that her swag was up for grabs. Loralee! You know...from Loralee's Looneytunes! Woot! She basically just INVITED ME to HER PARTY. PERSONALLY.

At least, that's how I read it.

So I went. And I walked into that suite.

And I turned my ass around and walked right back out.

I stood outside that suite for ten minutes. Okay, maybe five. Possibly SEVEN MINUTES.

And I took a deep breath in and walked my ass right back in. And I started to mention that I had heard that some swag was up for grabs but before I could finish my sentence, the woman I was speaking to swooped me up and offered me this bag (my new favorite orange Hobo International Bag!) and some makeup (airbrush! and take all you want because all the "porcelain" and "ivory" is gone and you are blessed with COLOR!) and take extras for your roommates!

And then I froze. It was diet coke. Loralee's fave. It was there. Like she promised. Like she THREATENED. and I remembered that she had said so...that it would be there. And I said so (outLOUD!).

And she heard me.

And she stood up to meet me.

And she introduced me to her boss (the most fabulous woman in the world).

And they laughed because I knew that, too.

And I realized, I knew her. Even if she didn't know me, I knew her and that was cool and she wanted it that way. That's why she writes. That's why I write.

And I did belong at BlogHer '10. By the end of BlogHer, you couldn't a) keep me off the dance floor or b)convince me I didn't belong or even c) keep me from thinking we weren't friends. Even if I didn't meet you there. It's all just a matter of meeting you *yet*.


  1. It was so awesome to meet you!

    It's so funny to read everyone's recaps and see so many who had a similar experience. I had the SAME freak out the night of was all up from there, though. :D

  2. What a lovely post. I am so glad it went like this for you and you made the most of it and you had a fabulous time in the end. Hope I'll get to meet you at a blogher in the future!

  3. Well, consider yourself *met* via webcam, lady. ;)

    Awesome, awesome post! So glad you found your place. <3

    P.S. Damn, the two of you are gorgeous!

  4. Meeting you was LOVELY. You are so fun! And pretty! And awesome!

  5. What a great recap. IT was an inspiring few days for sure!