Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Because all two people start somewhere...

I dedicate this to you.

last night

TWO people delved

into self

through each other


it is so EASY

when i ask, are you talking about me?

or are you talking about you?

you guessed you were talking about us

sweet relief in your understanding

HAPPY never had a name

never had a face

until you

it is KISS on hand

touching fingers to thigh

little moments of

recognition and small connections

the secret jokes because “60% of the time…”

laugh lines around mouth

and i want to help put more there

YOU satisfy every molecule of my being

every need i didn’t know i had

grinning ear to ear

a SMILE that from my being

no one and no thing could erase

and honestly

quite humbly

i expect nothing of you

except to just BE

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