Monday, July 20, 2009

Why I forget to post. No, REALLY...

Blame me.  I’m tired.

On Mondays, I get home and I’m thankful the week has started and maybe the ball will start rolling and before I notice it I’ll have a weekend again and another chance to maybe, possibly relax. It’s Monday and I forget to blog because it’s ONLY Monday and I still have time.

On Tuesdays, I can’t believe that I’m as tired as I am, because HEY, it WAS just Monday.  Shouldn’t some relaxation still be on reserve?  And it’s WAYYYYYYY too long until Friday night to collapse in a heap on my front door step. I forget to blog because I can’t believe it’s ONLY Tuesday.

On Wednesdays, it’s humpdays.  I’m happy the week is half over.  I forget to blog because of the delirium of 1/2 overness.

On Thursdays, I can’t believe it’s almost the end of the week.  Maybe I celebrate with a glass of wine or a bottle of beer.  No explanation needed, right? Asleep within an hour.

On Fridays, I’m SUPER geeked up.  It’s Friday!  Maybe it’s PAYDAY!  But even if it’s not (which it isn’t half the time), it’s the end of the work week!  WooHoooooo!  While I may have to wake up early to get baa-baas the next morn, I won’t have to get a slew of children ready for DayCare and I don’t have to make it to Fruit to punch in with The Man.  I forget to blog because I’m either paying bills before the money falls through the magical hole in my bank account or I’m making excuses about how I’ll be able to write sometime that weekend, cuz HEY, it’s the weekend and I should be able to put two spare moments back to back and write a little sumpin’ sumpin’, right? [insert NO here]

I don’t have to explain the weekend to you.  Especially to moms and dads.  A weekend off from work is not a weekend OFF.  It is a weekend ON, just somewhere else (namely, home).

But, hear me NOW!!!!

I am pledging to post every two days.

I swear.

As long as all of the children are healthy.  See. I’m not even thinking about if the house is clean.

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    That is too funny and SO true.
    Jaded Perspective said this on July 20, 2009 at 2:18 pm | Reply