Sunday, May 10, 2009

In honor of the humor of being a MOTHER.

Ok. Quick, but hilarious post. Today is Mother’s Day, which really, to me, means celebrating what makes me a mom, which is the kids. I have given birth three times to four children, but I have a son that GOd has blessed me with through my s/o…his first born The Joker.

The Joker

The Joker is 13. He had not taken too well to the idea a couple years back when this woman (me) had waltzed into his daddy’s life. Not only A WOMAN, but two little boys. And then, before he had time to adjust to THAT…TWO MORE little boys!!!

I understand Joker’s pain. And I adore the Joker. Nothing like his daddy…okay, a LITTLE like his daddy…but shy, more introverted, less sure of himself. And I was that child at his age too. So, we can share that, and he has opened up to me and shared his first crush (Courtney?!?!?) and just recently, this question (which at first I though was a joke that he had made up, which he is prone to do…):

The Joker: Someone at school had asked me this, but I dunno…

Mommy Tsunami: What’s that?

TJ: Well, what’s the difference between a prostitute and a porn star?

Mommy Tsunami: (complete and utter shock, silence, awkward laughter…)

TJ: No, really! It’s not a joke! I don’t know the difference!

Now, let me explain that we are in the car…filled with impressionable children of all ages…and THE THINKER of all of these impressionable children, to my luck, happens to be right behind us eaves dropping in on our conversation…nosey, just like his mother…which only leads to him joining IN on the conversation…

The Thinker: Yeah, I have a question, too…

Mommy Tsunami: (omigodno.pleasedonotaskanything.)

TT: What’s the difference between a popsicle and a fish stick?

Insert lots of wild laughter here.

Wow. Did I escape a sticky situation there. And I am going back to address the FIRST question with the Joker. He is of age that he is curious about thosethings. There will be that conversation.

And maybe the Thinker and I need to sit down, because my question right back at him will be…

What’s SIMILAR between a popsicle and a fish stick!?!!?!?!?!??

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