Friday, August 24, 2007

This is just about my fourth attempt (or so) at a blog. I am fascinated by successful bloggers and envious of those that write (and have readers) with ease. I want to be that girl.

So, today, I make an attempt to be "that girl" once again. As my s/o always says, nothing beats a failure like a try. So, here I try.

I feel like I am living a soap opera life right now. I mean that quite literally. Well, without the mansion or the money. I was (still am?) married for seven years. I left my husband (let's call him "John") just after Christmas 2006. Eventually, I asked him to leave our home, as it was making me uncomfortable. He did. After our separation, I dated a man, a man that my family liked to refer to as "John, Jr." At first I thought they were just being funny...but, after a few months of dating, and things ended, I could look back with the clarity of hindsight and see for myself that yes, indeed, I had in fact gone out and found myself a replacement for the man that I had just cut loose. Wow.

Marriages end for all sorts of reasons. Mine ended for about 1/2 of those reasons. I reserve the right to return to those reasons at a later date. For now, I feel that the pertinent info has been established. Now I can continue to the present, and the current theme and reason for this blog.

Soon after the break up with "John, Jr.," I finally saw that I could be by myself. I finally reasoned with my relationship self that I, in fact, was a valuable human being with or without an s/o, and that my time would be better spent thinking about 1) my two boys and 2) finding what makes me happy professionally and personally. As with all good intentions and self-pledges, that very day I went out and met The Man of My Dreams. Yes, it is true. For those princesses that are still out there searching, TMoMD does exist. And if it exists for me, he MUST exist for you.

Within days TMoMD and I spent every waking moment that we could together. It was very unrealistic and we set expectations for our relationship that we could never keep up. But, I think it was what we both needed at the time and it got us closer quicker than we could ever imagine. But, I my divorce was still not finalized.

After one month together, I lost my job. TMoMD swooped in and promised to save me, to rescue me. He promised to have my back. He was getting a house, and he would move me and the boys in. He wanted me to find the job of my dreams and until then he wanted me to enjoy my life, him, and my boys. Be a Stay at Home Mom for a minute!

After two months together (still looking for house), we got pregnant. Actually, it was just SHORT of two months together. Yup, preggers. A Big Fat Positive on the Home Pregnancy Test. Wow. It took him a minute to digest that information. I mean, he was already "adopting" my family as his, getting the house (we're like sea monkeys...add water and voila! instant family!), adding a baby to the pot was just a LOT. And, my divorce is still not finalized.

After about a week of me thinking I could do anything BUT keep the baby, I let him know we were FOR SURE expecting and he kept to his word and stood behind my decision. Three days into that plan, and he started moving from acceptance to actual happiness. Cue new dramatic developments.

We had our first appointment. Quite disappointing. About three minutes long, with a nurse, jsut to draw blood. UGH! What a rip-off! They told me to call the next afternoon. But, by 8 am the next morning, they were calling me. What?!?!?!? When does the Doctor's office call FIRST THING? The nurse announced are VERY pregnant. Yes, I knew that. No, my last period was June 23rd. Your hCG levels are quite high. 8,110 in fact. You must be further along than you think. No, my last period was June 23rd. No, that can't be right. Are you sure? Was it light? Maybe it wasn't really a period? Look, I'm 31. I've had Aunt Flo visit for 20 YEARS now. I know when and what it was. Well, needless to say. Something's not adding up. We'll have to have you in for an ultrasound to see what is going on here. Great. The sooner the better. Yes. So how's next week?

WHAT?!?!?!? Something's going on, something UP, and I'm supposed to wait a WEEK? Heck NO. I mean, sure, schedule my appointment.

In the mean time, I'm headed out the door to the ER. Pregnant lady with pains=ultrasound. Sorry. My sister's idea. I know it's evil, but that week would've KILLED me. I went, sans s/o. I could be a big girl. I would take the news on my own.

Four hours, one catheter, an ultrasound and lots of crotchal region examination later...

It's twins.

I have to repeat it myself...It's twins. TWINS. TWO babies. TWO BABIES.

So, just DAYS after finally accepting and being happy about one baby, I got to go home and tell my s/o that we are, in fact, having twins.

He shoots, he SCORES! *LOL*

Ya gotta laugh.

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