Wednesday, November 29, 2006

WOOHOO!!! Three nights in a row!!!

Yes. It's true. I made dinner (from scratch) three. nights. in. a. row!!! I am Queen of the Kitchen!!! I am a domestic goddess!!!

I am so tired. Ready for bed. Work wore me out. My head was spinning with all the questions/meetings/needs of the building. Crazy parents, depressed students, a mouse in one teacher's classroom, students that are ALWAYS in the was never ending! But it felt good to do so much.

I am so angry. Ready to rip B-boy's kindergarten teacher a new one. Yeah, you know what I'm talking about...But as an educator, I want to give the badly assessing teacher the benefit of the doubt. He SAYS that B-boy can't or isn't making satisfactory progress towards knowing how to count from 1-35 (yes he fact, 1-200!!!), knowing his shapes--circle, square, triangle and rectangle (yes he fact, he's been able to DRAW them on verbal request since he was TWO!!!) and writing his numbers 1-10 (hmmmmmm, his own written numbers 1-29 were sitting on my kitchen table as B.A.T. and I were having the dreaded PT conference).

I could have lived with the report...unti today, I received a letter from the principal saying that my son is in danger of summer school or even retention because of his unsatisfactory progress. WTF!!!! No...REALLY!!!! WTF, WTF, WTF!!!!

So, I email B.A.T. and explain I would like a sit down with him, I can't believe I was sent this letter, I want to see his evidence of B-boy's unsatisfactory progress...and I am reqesting a change of grade because his assessment is both wrong and ridiculous. I also mentioned I didn't think it was necessary to bring in the principal YET.

He wrote back that he "didn't think that [he'd] ever been asked to change a grade before...and [he] didn't know if [he] could or even would want to." Again, WTF!!!

Suck it up Badly Assessing Teacher!!! You made a mistake. We are all human. Maybe you forgot to assess Math prior to the report card. Maybe you switched B-boy's assessment scores with another child's (on accident). I don't know the reason. And actually, I don't care what the reason is, either.

I just want your fair assessment of my B-boy.


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