Monday, November 13, 2006

Third times a...

Ok, so I named my last post "so let the games begin" but I feel like that might be more appropriate for this post.


What are we thinking?!?!?

Okay. I'm scared. For soooooooo. many. reasons. Some are selfish. For example, I JUST got my pre-pregnancy body back from my children over the last six months. And my youngest is over three years old. Yeesh. I carried that pregnancy for FOREVER.

I SAID some of the reasons were SELFISH!

And two is sorta kinda manageable. I mean, I can sort kinda handle two children on my own, go to the mall, make social plans, wash clothes, maintain sanity, work a job outside of the home...I SAID sorta kinda!

And daycare is expensive.

And college is expensive.

And I already worry all day, every day, every second about the first two.

And they wear diapers when they first arrive and for two to four years after, and my youngest JUST potty-trained!




They are so cute and soft and smell good.

And they love you like they love no other human being or object in this world.

And they make every moment of the day worth it by wiping away every. bad. thought.

And they make the potential of this world's future exponentially greater.

And they call you "mommy" while grabbing your new dress pants with their dirty hands and kissing you with their sloppy faces because. you. are. their. world. could I not try to have another one???


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