Saturday, November 18, 2006

It's about that time...

Ugh. Nerves. I have to relax. This is the first month of us trying. It about that time. The big "o" (Not Oprah, either). So, what do I do? Do we try every day for the next four/five days? Is it every other day? Should I start to get excited? Should I not hope for anything to soon?

Some people try once and it works. Shit. Some people have sex for the first time or a one night stand and it happens. That has never happened to me. Each attempt has been with my husband. Each time it took several to many months. I know I'm lucky that it happened at all. Some people try and it never happens at all...and they find out that it can't happen. I am blessed.

Will I be lucky enough to be blessed for a third time? Will I "get on top of the roof" only to suffer a great fall? My gf always says, this time, she's only going to get on a chair...the fall will hurt less.

I guess I'm trying to stay on a chair, even though in my heart I'm already on top of a skyscraper.


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