Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I made dinner TWO NIGHTS...in a ROW!!!

Excuse me if you are a super house wife diva. A "domestic," if you will.

I am a failure in those areas. I would rather eat a salad than what most people would consider "real food." I am pleased when my children ask for baked potatoes for dinner (I can make a meal out of it with my toppings for it...all good for you, too...or at least not bad for you).

But not this week!!! At least, not in the last two days. The. house. is. a. mess. But, everyone has been fed real homecooked meals for the last two days.

Yes, I am proud of myself. Yes, I am patting myself on my back. Yes, I realize that, for the common or average person, this is no great accomplishment.

But I am not an average person. I am, in fact, a below average wife.

I do not cook. I do not clean.
I do not use a washing machine.
I will not, could not with a fox.
I should not, cannot in a box.
Not with a mouse, not in a house...
...you get the drift.

But, last night, I made meatloaf (homemade from scratch), garlic mashed potatoes (homemade from scratch), broccoli and cauliflower with cheese and dinner rolls.

And tonight, I made lasagne (homemade from scratch), green beans and garlic rolls.

And I served the dinner on REAL plates.

So. How's that for accomplishments!?!?!?!? Maybe I'll be up for mother of the year/wife of the year after all.

I dunno. How are we supposed to "do it all" anyway? I mean, is there even a chance I could do this for a third, fourth, fifth day in a row?


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