Friday, June 9, 2006

Sometimes my husband makes me feel like I am a polygamist...

...because I am sure more than one person lives inside of his body. Ever get that feeling?

Let me preface with I love my husband. DH and I have been together for seven years, been married for six. We have been through REALLY tough times. I have gone through some really rough patches and he has stood by LIKE A TROOPER.

I brag about my husband. A. Lot.

Which is what makes it soooooooo hard to deal with DH's evil twin, JH (Jeckyll Husband). He is the guy that lives inside my husband and pops out just long enough for me to question if I have actually entered another universe...a parallel universe...perhaps a dimension of sight and sound...THE TWILLIGHT ZONE?!?!?!?!?!?!

DH is the guy that washes dishes regularly (honestly, I cannot remember the last time that I really had to wash a load of dishes...I kid you not, DH IS the Dishwasher of the house). DH cooks dinner, fairly regulary...and actually, 5 days in a row this week. DH takes our children to daycare and then picks them up also. Then, DH works a second help us pay for said daycare (we really needed it when B-boy was first born, now he does just to add more "cashflow").

When we go out to family friendly parties, DH generally lets me socialize and he keeps a close eye on the boys. On Sundays, he spends the day with the boys so I can go grab tea and go shopping with my mom and my sister. He's super friendly with everyone (I think he'd win if he ran for mayor in the city we live in).

But that doesn't make him a saint.

Ok, sometimes other women and I talk, and I think to myself, "I would die if I was married to your husband..." Which isn't a particularly nice thought, because I guess we all get used to whatever our life becomes, for better or for worse.

But I carry my own kind of burden. Everyone SEES how "wonderful" my husband is, and then when I feel upset, distressed, pissed off, fed up...I feel guilty for complaining and/or I look like a selfish self-centered unappreciative bitch.

And I'm not.

He rolls his eyes when I apologize for being nasty or snappy. He doesn't believe that I really CAN'T control my hormones sometimes. He thinks all I do is spend our money on stuff for me. He agrees to everything I want to do (when I ask) only to hold that against me when I don't do what he wants (despite the fact that I didn't know because he didn't ask). How does one rectify this sort of situation?

I pay the bills and I am a control freak that monitors all of the money (duh...isn't that what I'm supposed to do?). I remind him to pick something up from the cleaners and I'm a nag. I ask him to take out the garbage and I'm his mother. I ask him to keep an extra eye on the kids because someone's house makes me nervous and I'm belittling him and treating him like a child.

I can't win for losing.

The sad thing is, I'm just being myself. This is the girl he married. I do have issues. I'm not perfect (especially when compared to him...DH the saint). BUT NEITHER IS HE!!!!!

He leaves his shoes ALL OVER THE HOUSE. His dirty socks can be found at the foot of the couch every day and wouldn't move if I didn't move them. He SMOKES. He needs to cut his nails more frequently. He doesn't wipe the kitchen table after a meal. He leaves gook in the sink after he washed the dishes. He squeezes the toothpaste FROM THE MIDDLE. He doesn't FIX THINGS around the house. He leaves everything for TOMORROW.

Ugh. I feel better now.

~A wild wife thing

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  1. Girl,
    You know you have a great man! I was cracking up as soon as I read your title. Does he really have THAT many personalities? LOL