Thursday, June 29, 2006

Silently Suffering Great Old Oak

you were torn in two today
and the rip in your flesh and bones is so visible
your weakness is divulged to the world
everyone thought you stood so tall, so strong, the proudest
life giving
life sustaining

your limb was ground into pieces unrecognizable to sight
but your smell
life sharing
life humbling

and now you are being sawed into
signs missed insight into your mortality
life missing
life taking

maybe you stood tall and strong bent over silently screaming your weakness
to a deaf and dumb world
life humbling
life lessons

soon your stump will be drilled from hallow ground
land left barren without your presence
life losing
life stolen

illness cast shadows on ground that will now sit in light unforgiving
i stare and still see the life that stood before me but realize if I blink vision will be lost
so i choose to keep looking
refusing to turn my head from

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