Monday, June 26, 2006

A sight for eyes...

It's about time I posted some pics, huh?
B-boy, Crash and's Halloween EVERDAY at my house :)
I just love these boys.
I wish B-boy didn't enjoy being Wolverine so much...he has the cutest face!

Are you diggin Spidey's "web releasin'" fingers?

Hulk wears sunglasses...his future's so bright...he's gotta wear shades!

B-boy got a hold of my digital camera.

Like mother, like son, I guess...the first thing he did was take a pic of himself!!!!

Phew! No boogs.

I gotta keep a copy of this for future girlfriends...and blackmail...

B-boy also took pics of his baby brother, Crash.

He must REALLY love his brother to be cheesin' THAT BIG!!!

OMG...he has a big noggin'.

Gotta love those cheeks (hey A.--posted this one for you, in case you want to bite them!)

A picture of the fam...

The big dawg...aka "Mellow Yellow"

The momma bear...aka "A Wild Thing"

Big brother...aka "B-boy"

Little Brother...aka "Crash"

On a night when Mellow and Wild Thing actually had Grandma babysit and went out!!!!

Hey...that was easy...maybe I'll post with pics more often!!!!

~A wild picture-taking thing


  1. Girl,
    I had to be the first to say- I love those boys of yours:) Cheeks, cheeks, cheeks!!! I'm gonna bite those cheeks the next time he hangs up on me:) Your family is too adorable!!!

  2. Hi, I'm Jayne from Singapore!
    Just love those boys of yours - so cute! And you & your husband are such a lovely couple!