Thursday, June 22, 2006

My baby turned 5...

...and is on his way to kindergarten!!! Wow. I just cannot imagine/remember where all this time has gone. It seems like just yesterday I was sleeping on the futon in the frontroom in just a robe while feeling like all I was born to do was be a milking cow for little B-boy.

Now I am an angry bear momma and I am frustrated by the fact that our home school district has LOST B-boy's registration, blamed it on me, my husband, the alignment of the stars...anything except for taking any responsibility for the fact that THEY lost my son's personal info, copies of my house deed and utility bills, my checking account information and probably every other important piece of infor one might need to steal my son's or my identity.

On top of that, I applied for him to enter the "special" program, TWI or Two-Way Immersion. Students in this program are taught 80% of the Kindergarten program in Spanish and 20% in is meant to educate Bilingual students, transition ESL students and teach native English speakers another language. The district office wants to play with me and act like he still has equal opportunity to enter this program, but I don't trust them. I mean, their own employees lost. my. son's. application. What else could be more important than that, and I'm supposed to trust them???

B-boy is five now, though. He acts like he turned 15. He cracks me up. He had his best friend Tyvon over for about FOUR DAYS...seriously, Tyvon almost never went home...and when he did, it made B-boy practically cry. Oh wait, he did cry.

He took birthday pics, too. I do it every year. It's my way of remembering that they are my babies, that we were one once (one person...or at least one person inside another person), and a way of tracking our growth as mother and son(s). B-boy is a ham. He picked out an athletic outfit (he looked like a soccer appropriate with the world cup going on) and I dressed to follow suit (I heart Adidas and Puma!!!). Of course, he topped his outfit off with some cleats and when the photographer asked, "Cool! Are you a soccer player?" B-boy answered with the unexpected "Nope." It cracked everyone up.

Ok. More later

~A wild birthday boy's momma


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