Sunday, June 25, 2006

Is PMDD real?

someone needs to give me a f&cking break
man cannot live on rage and fear and sadness alone
is PMDD real?

how can it not be

it's as real as the blood through which it flows
speaking volumes through the death of yet another soul
silent waves of anger pulsating loudly through veins of eve

and on the eve of yet another cycle the first website that pops up asks

is PMDD real?
is your message give up and give in and carry into world another life?
your mother cured today's illness in yesterday's misery of a woman's work

i chose not to be miserable but i think you want me to

to bear all the seed you sow and toil in the fields of progeny
i do not look to shed my skin of female or my role as mom
but to rejoice in my choice as woman

for tomorrow's hope is still unhoped and the future's promise still unpromised

is PMDD real?
i do not "need a nap or a divorce or the era"
you have an easy way outta what...i need to know

you try keeping clarity of mind full-time out and in the home

full time train running though brain, about to fall off the track
once derailed there really is no turning back, i think
and so i reach out to any and every other passenger on this ride

is PMDD real?

it does not have to be definded by DSM-IV to be
only lived by one person and spoken out loud by her

she (I...we are one) makes it real...

A wild thing


  1. Beautifully put. I can't believe that someone would actually publish an article asking if PMDD is real. It was probably written by a man or some bitter woman who has no clue. I am so sorry that you had to even come across that article. What poop on a stick! I'm glad that you recognize that it is real and that you had the courage to step out and ask for (and get) help. I heart you!

  2. Greets to the webmaster of this wonderful site! Keep up the good work. Thanks.