Friday, May 26, 2006

Tonight was all about the balls... balls and baseball balls, that is....hey, I am vying for your attention, competing with millions of other blogs, television, cell phones and the like, can you blame me? Coming home from work today and the sun was shining bright. Chicago is beautiful late spring through early fall. So, all I could think about after this LONG AND DRAINING week of work was, hey, the family should do something fun and hang out!

So I called the hubby. We (I) had a moment of brilliance. Let's hit the mini-golf course!!! Pack up the minivan, let the boys take a friend (Tyvon) and we're off. Watching a movie in the back of the minivan would have been enough for the boys. We arrived at Novelty Golf. Hmmm...batting cages, too? I may be a mommy, but I am still a tough chick, too. I couldn't resist. Let me show my boys what their momma is made of... After a fairly unsuccessful first token and twelve pitches that met with a batting average of about .150, I couldn't resist a second chance.

So well worth it!!! If you have any built up frustration, need to get anything out...I highly suggest swing metal or wood at a fast pitch softball while wearing protective gear and are locked in a cage... I made contact with every pitch...knocked quite a few "outta there." B-boy and Crash were soooo impressed. And in front of their friend!!! Lots of cool point were earned. Oh, and daddy was drooling with envy. He was in the next cage over, swinging at air.

Mini-golf was fun. But nothing is as fun as watching two 4/5 year old boys interact with each other. They resemble little men. We went out for burgers afterwards. Tyvon and B-boy had to sit next to each other.

And then it happened. B-boy couldn't resist hugging his bestest buddy in the whole wide world. And being the sappy mother I am (especially when it's just that time of the month) I couldn't pretend to not care. I awwwwww-ed. And the boys smiled and blushed.

But then Tyvon said, with absolute confidence: "That's ok. Best friends hug. That's what they do."

Ugh!!! So simple!!! So sweet!!! So true!!!

Sometimes, it's the one thing I miss the most of being young. How easy it is to make friends and really, really love them. It's okay to walk up to someone and say, "Hey, my name is Wild Thing. My favorite color is lime green and I love strawberry ice cream. You wanna be my friend?" But, that was 25 years ago. Now, it's much harder than that. Add being married, an interracial marriage at that, being a mother, of two boys at that, being a full-time employee, blah-blah-blah...

I think everyone deserves at least ONE really great friend. Someone to give you hugs, that you will let give you hugs, with absolute confidence that that's what best friends do. Maybe, that one really great friend is not the same person your whole life (but, maybe it is). I just think, this may be B-boy's first best friend and one of the great things that we can give him is stability...same house for the next 15 years and B-boy and Tyvon could be planning college, jobs, whatever together. I might not be keeping the cleanest house, and I might not make the BEST homecooked meals in the world, our house might not be the BIGGEST on the street, but hey...we're doin' SOMETHING right...right?

And guess where you'll be able to find me this weekend??? I'll need plenty of dollar bills, see lots of balls, and will take a firm grasp with both hands of the wood in front of me...get your minds out of the gutter...I'm going back to the batting cages...

~A wild swinging thing (lol)

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  1. Wow. You went from 'balls' to 'miniature golf and good parenting'. That's impressive.

    My mom never did batting cages, but she did dress up as an orc out of a fantasy system and wear a fake nose ring a couple times every few months. Moms are cool. We need more than one day for Mother's Day, it should be Mother's Week and it shouldn't be a Hallmark holiday.

    I'd make you congratulatory lemonade if I were physically able to be in your kitchen by moving through the PC screen. Or if that incredible feat would not put you in a position to defend your home against me with a baseball bat, as I'm sure that it would be considered breaking and entering under the law. But it's the thought that counts, right?