Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Somewhere beyond your computer screen, there is... Somewhere beyond the screen that is brightly blinking up at you, there is a connection to my screen. Somehow, our two screens are linked in some sort of figurative dance of words and wires, typeset and temporals, language and languish.

We both come here looking for something. An outlet. An inlet. A highway to heaven. A road to nowhere. A place to hang our hat. A place to call our own. And, my hope is that we can give a little of all of that to each other. And maybe more.

See, I find this little thing called life pretty darn humorous. I'm stuck here in my home without a translator and everyone I live with speaks crazy. I guess I'm the Queen, or the Mom, or the Head of the Household, or whatever these foreign beings consider the "Lead Female" of their packs. And as reigning Queen, they expect A LOT out of me. I'm supposed to wash clothes. AND dishes. And make beds…oh, and those washed clothes? They need to be DRIED and FOLDED, too! There are DIAPERS to be changed, because the youngest of these alien beings has not been potty trained…he's quite lazy, as I am sure he is capable and of age to go on the toilet.

THEN, they want me to COOK MEALS. I'm having a hard time with this part. I am not really a domesticated kind of woman. I did the school thing. That came easy. On the other hand, I was not born with the chromosomes that lend you to learn the fine arts of cooking, cleaning and the such. I have SOOO MUCH envy of people that have those skills. Oh well, I digress. On top of the MEALS, I have to bathe the little beings, feed a dog and try to clean/dust/vacuum the HOUSE!

Oh yeah…and I WORK a FULL-TIME JOB. HA!!!

So. Humor. Yes, it is somthing I use quite often. As in, I find it humorous that I cannot keep up with the house chores. I also find it humrous that the "king" foreign being, the father or chief of this tribe, expects me to feel sexy at the end of the day…sexy enough to "love him down." Yeah. Love you down. Right.

What about you??? What's up in your neck of the woods???

~A wild creative and curious thing

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