Monday, May 29, 2006

I wish someone would have reminded me...

...that Memorial Day Weekend does not mean I am also off of work on Tuesday! Too many parties. For those of you that may have me confused with a party animal (I am A Wild Thing...), parties in my world mean kids playing, moms and dads talking, everyone eating and drinking. Well, in my case, drinking water, but, you get my drift.

Saturday, we all woke up early for a T-ball game. You know, B-boy's...he is number eight...only for me to discover that I should start reading the schedule the night before the game and not the morning of...because he didn't have one. Duh, because it is Memorial Day Weekend, and I guess some people probably go away this weekend. Ughhh...that's sleep you missed out on, missy...and you know how we cherish every minute of sleep we can get!!! So, Saturday morning a lazy one, and then B-boy, Crash and I went outside and just played. There's nothing better that an unplanned day in which nothing of consequence happens.

Sunday was not a big deal either...well, that is, it wasn't a big deal until I decided that Sunday would be the day that I would finally paint my office!!! So, I emptied the room of all crap (purging feels so darn good!) and then hubby got in on the act and said if I emptied the room, he would paint it. WOOHOO!!! I love it. That's a good deal in my opinion. So, by 7 pm on Sunday night, my new office space was the beautiful color glazed rasperry. Ok, so <-- that's not the real color, but the real color is rockin'!!!

Sunday, post empty out the office, I had to go to a fish fry/open mic at a Youth House in the North Lawndale area in which I used to teach. Got to see a couple of former students (yay) and had to drop some info off for my new job (shmoozin'). Came home and had to attend a birthday barbeque for a neighbor. Well. I guess I don't mean HAD was a good neighbor's birthday and there were a kajillion kids there out on their (ok, and five nieghboring) front lawn(s), which meant that Crash and B-boy would have a ton of fun. It's all about the boys, so I stayed there with Crash until tenish and then I had a mommy moment and thought, "Hey, Crash makes a good excuse to go home and get into bed; I think I'll do that!!!" So that left Daddy and B-boy out...until all hours of the night. Yes, Daddy had the brilliant idea to stay out with his son until ONE IN THE MORNING!?!?!?! Which is cool and all, maybe, every once in a while, but OUR big plans were for Monday, which means, Yup, you guessed it...CRABBY BOY SYNDROME (CBS).

Which brings us to today. Yes, B-boy did suffer slightly from CBS. And, CBS can be contagious, which means Crash, Daddy and I also suffered from some of the symptoms of CBS. But, today was meet the boss' (from here on out, referred to as GF, because I love her and she is more than just the boss lady) family and see her house day today for me. So. CBS caused many things. Such as:
  1. No one in the house could even begin to fathom getting up and starting the day until 9:15ish.
  2. Our family needs at least a three hour window between the time of waking up and expected time of arrival.
  3. GF invited us...people to begin arriving at 11 am. (You do the math)
  4. 11 am is the time that I was back at Jewel buying a new watermelon for my fruit salad because my ORIGINAL watermelon tasted like water, not melon.
  5. GF called at 11:15 am to find out where I was.
  6. At 11:15, I told her, "Leaving...five minutes..."
  7. At 11:15, I was actually cutting open a watermelon...or in the seventh dimension of hell. (Take your pick)
  8. At 11:30, R. asked if there was anything he could do to help.
  9. At 11:30, I answered yes.
  10. At 11:31, R. assisted me creating a fruit salad in a homemade carved watermelon basket BY IRONING HIS SHIRT AND PANTS.
  11. AT 12:00 pm, I finally got in the shower.
  12. At 1:40, we finally arrived at gf's house. (She lives almost an hour away...that IS NOT how much time I need to get ready...)
  13. By 1:45, entire family was having fun...CBS does have a cure...I am not sure if it is more good times, or release children onto unsuspecting strangers...hmmmmmm...

So, it is 10 pm and children are still up. Their little bodies have forgotten that BEDTIME IS 8:30 pm. And I need to bring them to work tomorrow...Yeeeesh, I'm sure I'll have something great to post tomorrow night...I hope their heads don't spin or anything like that...

I don't drink, but I predict I will feel like I am waking up with a hangover tomorrow morning... ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh......

~A wild par-tay thing

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  1. I'm so happy you came over and hope that you enjoyed yourself. I'm still feeling the Memorial Day fatigue. Was that really a day off of work?