Monday, May 15, 2006

I Heart M*A*S*H

So, something most people know about me within seconds...okay, maybe days, depending on the degree of verbal diarrhea...of meeting me is that I grew up in a multi-generational household. Not by choice, not by cultural tradition, but out of pure necessity because "giving" the house that I grew up in to my sperm donor was the only way out of a bad marriage for my mother. Mind you, a house that my maternal grandparents put the downpayment on...but I digress. SO, give up house and all assets of any monetary value, mother's first job is at Sears as a keymaker and engraver, and voila!!! You are not making enough money to support yourself...not to mention the two little girls pulling at your purse strings. Hence, we moved into grandpa and grandma's house.

So, I am, if not by birth then by training, an old soul. If I could, I would probably wear a "house dress" a la Lucy Ricardo EVERY DAY OF MY LIFE. I have one from my grandma (Grandma Natalie, after whom I am named) and I like to pull it out every once in a works well during school spirit weeks when we have a "decades" day. :) Anyway...

I am addicted to shows that most people my age probably turn their noses at...I Love Lucy...Green Acres...M*A*S*H...All in the Family...I Dream of Jeannie...okay, maybe a couple of those, other kids were watching, but...M*A*S*H?!?!?!?!?! I could watch it everyday, all day. I have seen probably just about every episode. I've seen the movie, watched the final episode, know how every character was written off the show...and yes, the theme song actually has words...and they ARE NOT "Dah doo, do do, dah do do, doo do, do do, dah doo doo, Dah do-de-doo, dah doo, doo, doo do do..."

And Lucy? I love her as much, if not more, than the next Lucy fan...everything...every home (why did the Mertz' purchase new building that the Ricardos could live in??? ) The birth of Little Ricky (hahahahahah...a day and age when men spent the birth in a waiting room smoking cigars...and Lucy gave birth on the night that Ricky was doing his new African tribal number...he scared a bunch of people that night in the maternity ward...) The trip around Europe, the time in Hollywood, the time at the far trying to raise chicks and sell eggs, the chocolate factory, the barbershop many good ones to think about. :)

I am an old tv junkie. This is why I am having issues right now. I sit here, watching M*A*S*H, writing about M*A*S*H...I have work to get done!!!! Things that MUST BE COMPLETED NOW!!!! But I cannot help doesn;t matter that this is not an episode that I particularly's M*A*S*H, and therefore worthy of brain numbing observation. I'm craving the episode with the stop watch in the corner and no laugh soundtrack...what'd be the chances that it might be on sometime tonight???

And most people assume, love M*A*S*H because you are a history you know every episode because you watch them to show to your students?!?!?! Heck NAW!!!! In fact, M*A*S*H is fairly historically inaccurate just in the fact that the actually show lasted FIVE YEARS longer than the ACTUAL KOREAN WAR ITSELF!!!! Kinda crazy, right?

Anyway...gotta go...they're about to air the conclusion to the two parter about the USO troupe's stop through the 4077th...

~A wild M*A*S*H thing

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  1. I just learned something enw. I new you had an old soul and that you enjoyed older movies and tv shows, but I didn't know why. You learn somethin' new every day huh?