Thursday, May 25, 2006

Dear God...

...thank you for my family. I love my family. My Dad makes really good food. I love my mommy the mostest. And I love my daddy the mostest. And my brother too, I love him the mostest. I hope you had a good day. And thank you for my dog. And tomorrow, I hope you have a good morning. Amen.
--B-boy, tonight at dinner

God. My doggie drank my wahwah. Ummm...My mommy's eating fish. Ummm...My doggie drank my wahwah. daddy's eating fish. Ummm...Daddy. Ummm...Mommy. Ummm...Jo-jo. Ummm...doggie. doggie drank my wahwah.
--Crash, tonight at dinner

I'm not sure this blog even needs my words. But, I can't stop myself from typing. I am so proud of our family. My husband and I do not share the same religious background, but we do have strong faith in common. Our family prays together, before every meal, out loud, while holding hands. We have done this since it was just R. and me...continued through the infancy and toddlerhood of B-boy...who is the founder of the "clap" after prayer...yes, after we pray, B-boy would finish with a "Yay!!!" and a clap. It is a tradition that we still have. So now, Crash dictates who prays when. It is very important to him to be able to pick who prays when...tonight, it was Daddy, B-boy, Mommy, Crash. And Crash LOVES having the final much so, that he refuses to EVER say Amen...sometimes, we have to have an Amen intervention to eat before the food gets cold...

~A wild prayerful thing


  1. yay! A new blog! I'll be back to read further.

  2. Dear God,
    Um...thank you for A who writes this thank you for my job, um...A ate my grapefruit. Yay! God!!!! This was such a cute post. The doggie drank my wahwah!!!