Wednesday, May 3, 2006

"Come 'ere!" (and give me a hug)

Was gone from the fam for a week...very painful. Like trying to read the paper and everything looking fuzzy...well, wait, I also lost my glasses recently, so it could be that as well.

But seriously, so excited to be home.

Got my new health insurance cards (yipee!!!) and passed them out to hubby. He states, great, now we can let b-boy ride his bike again, and finally take off his one remaining training wheel. Hubby wanted to do so earlier in the week, but deferred due to momma not being home (and I quote, "If I gotta take B-boy to the emergency room, you gotta be there.") .

So, yesterday, I took off B-boy's last training wheel (we took them off one at a time). And, voila! He rode a two wheeler all by himself!!! No one running behind him, holding his seat, nothing!!!

And he sees his "boy" a couple houses down. He anxiously jumps off his bike and towards T.

B-boy: "Hey, did you see me? Did you see me riding my two wheeler?"

T: "Come 'ere!" (T spreads his arms wide)

B-boy: "Yeah man!" (Goes in for the hug)

I had tears in my eyes. So cute and sooooooo funny to see two little men being...well...little men!!! Especially when one is mine and he was just born yesterday, wasn't he?

And work. Great big drama at work. And some confrontation. As a child of divorce, I don't do well with confrontation. Unless it's my husband, and in that case, bring on the confrontation! Someone got fired (oh yes!). I suppose that that will never be fun, but it's particularly nasty when the employee being let go is...full of it. This girl had the nerve to ask me for insight into my boss...huh?!?! Who do you think I am/you are? Even if I did have insight, I'm supposed to share it with you at my own expense? Nope, sorry, ain't gonna happen (self-preservation?!?!? good taste?!?!?!?! ethics?!?!?!?! character?!?!?!?!). And then, while you are in the midst of being let go, you're gonna ask me, "off the record," if I agree with her decision. Hmmm, let me think...oh wait...HE%# YEAH!

And now?

I cannot get enough sleep! Seriously! Maybe I have chronic fatigue syndrome. I' m not playing. I'm sorta scared about this. I am ready to go to bed at 5 pm. MMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmm...bedtime...

Oh. And I promise I will get back to more regular posts. Really. All one of you reading this...come back tomorrow for more...and it'll be funny, too. I can feel it in my bones.

~A wild exhuasted thing


  1. Hi A-
    What a cute post. I think you're right about blog protocol. I recently started commenting on other people's boards and then they started posting on mine and now I am linking to them and they are linking to me. Yipppeeee!!!! Go B-boy, Go B-boy!!! Your baby is growing up girl!!!