Sunday, April 9, 2006

When it's time for change, it's time to rearrange...

This is my first post. Here. That is not to say that I have never posted before. In true Aquarius fashion, I have not been able to emotionally commit to any one blog spot on any one website. In fact, I even have had another blog page on blogger as well. Ha. But, my life is different today.

In the past few months of my life, there have been fast and furious changes. Good ones. I guess they began when I turned thirty. YES! I heart thirty. I am not being funny. I really have eagerly anticipated this magical birth date for at least two years. I could sense that calm and sensibility would somehow come with this age. And, I would like to say that for the most part, I was right. What I didn't count on was the feeling of being sexier, more confident and therefore less rushed? antsy? nervous? It's weird, a little hard to explain..if you knew me personally, you'd get it more clearly. I am a typical type A personality. On top of that, I am a first born child, and Aquarius (previously mentioned) and I was born in the year of the dragon. Ok, maybe you don't buy into astrology or birth order or the Chinese calendar. But let me describe myself in terms of actions instead. I have a pretty much near perfect audio-visual memory (can recite almost entire conversations back word for word but probably will not remember your name). I can eat an entire meal in under five minutes (or within a commercial break for television...and I always intend to eat more slowly so that I can enjoy my meal WHILE I am watching my favorite show). I can anticipate the problems in almost any situation ( and do not have the patience to wait for the problems to arise...wouldn't that be a waste of time and intelligence?). I am EXTREMELY intuitive (which most often leads to something that greatly resembles paranoia). Anyway. So now I am thirty. Intuition less resembles paranoia and more resembles empathy (as it should). Anticipation less resembles a sense of "know-it all" and more resembles a proactive plan and foresight. Eating more resembles a meal and less resembles a race.

So that is change number one. Age. And to some extent, personal growth as well. Ok, I know I should accentuate the personal growth over the age. But it's THIRTY!!! Thirty deserves first billing on this one.

Change #2: I left my job. I didn't realize how miserable the situation was until the last three days of my past position. I, WAS...a teacher. I took a job at a brand new school. When I accepted my position as a founding teacher there, it was a very happy day for me. I thought, yes! I have found my dream school. Arts integration, brand new building, creating from the ground up, students of color in an urban setting, endless possibilities!!! But, it wasn't all it cracked up to be. I should have known just how the situation was going to turn out based on the fact that the night before school began, my principal sent out an email to all of his staff about new small schools. No problem, right? Except that this article described how many new small schools encounter many issues, including STAFF MEMBERS LEAVING MID-YEAR. What?!?! Why would this man send this out the night before the beginning of our first day?!?! Because he didn't read the article himself? Or because he just WASN'T thinking? Or was he offering his staff a way out? Hmmm...

Anyway. So one disappointing thing led to another and before I knew it, I was searching for a new job. Really, only one that I could have to begin the next school year, but I knew if the right position came along, I would take it. I found this not-for profit corporation that opens new charter schools in urban areas. I began the process with them back in...oh, let's say October? And they offered me an opportunity of a lifetime (well, at least MY professional lifetime) about two and an half weeks ago! So, I told my boss. And he didn't take it well. He swore several times during that meeting with me (which I find QUITE unprofessional...that is not to say that I have never said a curse word, but PLEASE! During a professional meeting?). Then he stopped speaking to me. Seriously. I am not joking. Literally stopped speaking to me. And then he started using a colleague of mine to communicate with me. Gave her an open letter to give to me about what he wanted me to complete before I left. Words and phrases I should use in my classroom to tell my students that I was leaving, complete with a "The school and all of the faculty support me in my decision to move forward in my career and have encouraged me in all that I do" speech. Bleh. Lies. Leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Because, beyond that, he attempted to a) write me up for disciplinary reasons one day before my official resignation (for what?), b) have me arrested for using boxes from the schools computers (boxes NO ONE was using, nor probably ever will use...) and c) intimidate and harass me in ways I could NEVER imagine someone that is a professional EVER would (and this intimidation and harassment occurred in front of other people...numerous other people. I do not doubt that my name is being raked through the mud every chance this man gets. But, HAH! I am gone, and I have found a wonderful new place AND PERSON for which to work. new job...let me just say that my new boss is fabulous. Absolutely fab-u-lous. And we see eye to eye. Not that I need someone with whom I will agree about everything. But, it is as if we think the same way. We are quite alike. More alike that I thought I could be like someone that I actually enjoy being around. Hey, I'm the first person to admit that I probably WOULDN'T like someone similar to me. I have often said this to my husband. But I heart this girl. She cracks me up and I crack her up. She had me at hello.

Change #3: I got a new lime green bug. Ok, technically the bug is "gecko green." It is so cute. It is a very happy car. My boys love it. They are going on five and going on three. My five year old says, "Mom, this is the coolest car I have ever been in." I agree. But, hey. This car had me at hello.

Other changes also, but it is late and I have my first day of my brand new job tomorrow (technically, now today!?!?). I will write more tomorrow. I promise. With the hopes that someone out there is listening (reading). I heart blogging.


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    I love your blog!!! I will continue to enjoy reading about your adventures with your boys!!!
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