Friday, April 14, 2006

"You kicked water's butt!!!"

Got home from a night out on the town. Okay, let me clarify that, because there's a good chance that my town and your town are different. Just got back from seeing Ice Age 2: The Meltdown with my hubby and lil'ones. Such a funny movie, it deserves the thumbs up and A's that it received from the critics. I am totally stealing lines from this movie (please refer to title of tonight's blog)...very sarcastic and witty writing for a children's movie. Of course, that's how the movie studios have PARENTS anticipating the next movie, right?

End of week one of work. I feel like I have done more in this week at my new job than I had done in a LONG time at my old place of work. That's cool. I love being productive. In fact, it makes me uncomfortable to be somewhere and not be doing what I think is required, which is even worse when I am doing more than my boss really wanted me to ever do. Yeesh. That's uncomfortable.

Great week though. And I am excited for the weekend. Busy weekend for many, I imagine. I have to get new glasses (where, oh where, have my lil'glasses gone?). I have to make my famous, tasty, extra delicious and fabulous garlic mashed potatoes. I have to make my fabulous salad. I have to pick up some REALLY good and tasty Brie. I have to churn butter and build a butter lamb ALL BY HAND. Ok, that last part is not completely true. Well, it's barely true at all. The only true part is that I do have a butter lamb in my possession. But I bought it from Jewel. Heheheheheheheheheheh. Yay food in the shape of a lamb!

So family time will be spent on Sunday (Easter). I told my cousin we should start a pool on a) who arrives the latest, b) Who gets angry first and c) Who walks out and leaves first. Oh yeah, fun stuff.

And then I am excited for Monday to roll around again and for me to start the work week again. I love my job!!

~A wild excited thing

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