Monday, April 17, 2006

"Ohmigosh, it's Angel!!!"

I wanted so badly to post this yesterday. Mostly because, hey, I survived another family holiday. And this one went really smoothly, considering there was family there. But my cousin said something to me that particularly irked me, and I could say, is a good justification for WHY PEOPLE SUFFER FROM EATING DISORDERS and poor body images.

I'll start by mentioning that, in the last three months or so, I have lost about twenty-five pounds. Twenty-five VERY HEAVY pounds. The kind of pounds that weigh a certain amount (exactly), but look another amount when they are actually attached to your body. So anyway, I have had two babies and I've been working out very faithfully since after baby #2 has been nine months old. But I never lost a whole lot of weight. Seriously, after almost two years of working out, I was in fact, heavier than I had been at my biggest when I was pregnant with baby #1. If that makes sense...

Needless to say, my battle with post baby weight has been an uphill one. But, I finally changed my eating habits AND I started running (mentioned in a previous post) and the weight just started falling off. Almost literally. Therefore, twenty five pounds in three months.

So back to Easter. My cousin, a single, fairly young, childless girl that gets most everything that she wants from either her mom, her dad or her much older boyfriend, sees me for the first time post weight loss. And is speechless (good). And says "Wow" (good). And then says "You lost like a whole pers..." (don't you dare finish that). And finishes it off with "Ohmigosh, Angel's back!!" (WHAT?!?!?!)

Okay, am I just being oversensitive? Was that really JUST a compliment? Hmmm...

Don't get me wrong. I didn't get my undies in a bunch. But I've had time to think about it (probably a bad thing). And, well, I'm just not so sure about that comment. You know, it just was insensitive to girls that are happy with what they look like. And I wasn't FAT before, but FIT. Just NOT a size 6. Or 8. And what's wrong with that?


Had a job interview today. Being on the other side of the hiring fence is a sometimes humorous place to be. All I have to say is that I hope I have never interviewed like this girl that interviewed with our school today. First off, didn't valley girls end with the eighties, or no? Second, well, there were just too many things today to really get into and I just don't have a two hours to relive something that only lasted forty-five minutes in the first place. To finish off this little rant, I'll mention this...when I asked our question about classroom management and her use of discipline and motivation techniques, she couldn't stop using the word "punish." It got so bad, that I wrote the word down and next to it wrote "x a kajillion." Because, seriously, that's roughly how many times she said it. Is that what education is all about? Punishment? The really funny part was after the interview when my colleague and I looked at each other with this look of mischief in her eyes. And then she says, "If that girl had said..." and I finish her thought "punish!!!!!" And we both pick up our interview packets and turn to the page with the question and...viola! She has the word punish written down with about eight underlinings and I have it written, well, like I already described. Too funny with words. I almost peed in my pants. That would have been bad.

Tired and cold when I got home, but my husband was my undying motivation and so I found the strength to go running. Yay. More tomorrow. The first day of tee-ball practice for my B-boy!!! And I'm the team parent!!!

~A wild punishing thing

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