Wednesday, April 19, 2006

"Mom, is God at our house?"

I am pooped. Long day. Started with a long meeting. Don't get me wrong. The meeting went well. Really well, in fact. But it was LONG, like my butt cheeks started to get numb long. Like, I think I can hear the seconds of my life ticking away on everyone is this room's watch long. But, whatevs. Good stuff. Lots of connections and networking going on. And some more great insight into the neighborhood that our new school is servicing. But, by the end, I was READY TO GO.

Ready to go run some errands. Pick up necessities and exchange my phone, but not until after we ate some lunch. Have a laugh. Or two. Or three. Seriously, work is too funny for words.

Then errands, no time, have to rush back to the office for an interview and arrive there as the same time as interviewee (actually walked throught the door with her, heheheheheheh). I was supposed to play bad cop, boss lady aka your royal principalness (lol) was going to play good cop. Let me just say this...somewhere in the middle of the interview I ACTUALLY said that I was supposed to be playing bad cop. Was that wrong? I just hope that people with great senses of smart alecky humor can also be kick butt teachers.

I'm pretty sure that valley girls DO NOT, though. (See earlier post)

Then I came home. No time to play. The boys and I went to see my mom! YAY! I haven't seen her in a couple of weeks. I'm a total momma's girl. So B-boy, Crash and I pile into limecar and we're off. B-boy asks, "Mommy, are we going to Grandma Sue's to eat?" Yes. "And Grandma Sue is giving us presents from Florida?" Yes. "Wow, Mommy. Today must just be my lucky day." Huh?!?!? Ok, sure.

Go to Grandma's. Had a good time. B-boy and Crash busted a SERIOUS move for Grandma and Auntie. Of course, B-boy (named aptly so for his Breakin' skills..."Hey, Mom, I'm a break dancer") DIDN'T HOLD BACK for Grandma. Oh no, he uprocked and spun and did hand stands and all that plus some. Crash tries so hard to follow in big brother' s is quite adorable. It's pretty good that he sticks with mostly upright dance moves. And then it was time to go.

Late. Maybe too late. I know because the boys told me so.

B-boy: "Mom, it's so late and I am so tired."

Me: "I know, baby, we're almost home."

B-boy: "Mom, is God at our house?"

Me: "Oh course, baby, God is everywhere. Why?"

B-boy: "I hope God takes me to sleep tonight."

Me: "What do you mean, baby?"

B-boy: "I hope God takes me to, you know, sleep, Mom."

Me: Thinking.

Me: More thinking.

Me: Just a little more thinking...hey, it was a long day.

Me: "Oh, baby, you want God to carry you to your bed tonight?"

B-boy: "Yeah, Mom, that's what I said. I am so tired and it would be so great if God was there when we got home and he could carry me to bed."

~A wild MOM thing

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  1. What a cute, cute post! Your kids sound so adorable!!! I can't wait to meet them! I'm convinced that God IS at your house:)
    Your Royal Principalship :) :) :) (((LOL)