Monday, April 10, 2006

I'm tired, so tired...

If you can, if you know what I am talking about, imagine Blazing Saddles..."I'm tired, so tired..." Anyway. I am tired. Worked from 9 to 6:30 pm today. First (official) day on my new job. I am totally going to rock this job. I just feel like I am in the right place. It's a good fit. But, I can see that I will be working CRAZY hard. I didn't even stop to eat until after 3 pm. Yikes. I was so hungry that I was tempted to eat my hand.

Glad to finally go home. And then guilt forced me to run. Seriously, A LOT of guilt. Okay. So, I started running about six weeks ago. One day I just started running and before I knew it I had run FIVE miles. Ok, there may be someone reading this that is thinking, so what...five miles...I run five miles in my sleep. But...for me, that was amazing! I was never a runner. As a kid, I would often get that stitch in my side and stop running and walk my one mile in school (or SLOWLY jog). So, five miles was a huge accomplishment for me.

And I experienced the runner's high!!! I run and I feel like I want to run forever. And when I am done running, I get so happy and enthusiastic and excited. The energy level is high, I feel like I could climb a mountain. Lately, it's been a little harder to get out there and actually run...but I still love the feeling I get. And my time is getting really good. My goal is five eight minute miles. For now I am at five nine minute miles. So, it's cool. I feel good that I can run three miles without stopping at all. I don't know why. I mean, I don't get a prize for not stopping, but I do feel like it's an accomplishment for me.

My running does have a point. I am training for the Chicago Marathon in October. Or, at least I think I am...I mean, I am, and then someone goes and says something like, hey, I know the guy who's cousin was dating this chick who's brother was running the marathon last year...and he died running that fact, doesn't someone die running a marathon every year?!?! What!?!? Why are you telling me these stories? People are so weird. Just like when you are pregnant, and everyone goes and tells you the most morbid, depressing birthing story that they know...

Best of all things was over 70 degrees!!! Yay!!! Love the great weather. And this year, spring is even more exciting because my first born is on a tee ball team and I am the team parent. So exciting!

Ok. Thighs hurt, I smell, wanna sleep, too. So...I leave the blog spot to reenter the world of the wild. Wish me luck...

~A wild running thing

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