Thursday, April 13, 2006

Crack-a-lackin' good...but it is a full moon...

God, I love life. No, really, I just love it. I heart my life. It is great. Now, I haven't been blogging here long enough for anyone out in cyberspace to truly understand how, well, I don't want to say bad, but for lack of a better word, I'll say...miserable? no, not what I had wanted or hoped for, is more like life was. Take my previous blog on my boss story and multiply thta by, oh, say a Kajallion (not a real number, I know). To put it mildly, I'll tell you wht my dad said when I called him to tell him that I had gotten this new job. The call went something like this:

Me: "Daddy, guess what!?!?!"

Dad: "You're in jail and you need me to bail you out."

Me: "Haha, dad. No, really, guess..."

Dad: "You're broke and you need me to bail you out."

Me: "Daaaaaaaad, come one, I'm being serious!"

Dad: "Ok, what?"

Me: "I got my job!!! The one I've wanted!!! Yay!!!"

Dad: "It's about time you got a f^#kin' break."

Seriously. That's word for word what he said. And my dad DOESN'T swear. So it was pretty funny when he said that. I wish I had been taping that phone call conversation.

Anyway, we went out into the field for most of the day. That's what you do when you are opening a brand new school in the fall and your still need to recruit the majority of your students. But we had too much fun. Being at work doesn't feel like being at work. I feel like I am enjoying myself too much to be there. Am I really getting paid to enojy what I do and who I do it for and with? Wow. Crazy. I didn't know that was possible, but, um, I guess it is because it is my life now.

And, after spending time out there in the field, here I am learning that I also love the people for whom I am assisting in the opening of this school. The community is great. The people are great. The kids are adorable. And I'll get to be someone that can work to offer them more. In the words of Donkey, this is "Crack-a-lackin'!!!"

Life is great...but, it is a full moon. And it's 9:45 pm, my kids are still up, and I have yet to eat dinner...

~A wild HAPPY thing

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